NT&TS Network Technology

and Telecom Solutions

About Us

Our company is focused on the area of communications technology and services, with highly qualified personnel, based on our vision, mission and values to continue offering excellent quality in our services.

Our Mision

Open, design and develop new doors in the world of telecommunications, through a technological synergy directed by the hand of man with an innovative, effective, efficient, strategic, neutral and quality management of our shared network services and telecommunications infrastructure, that generates value to the society, our customers, shareholders and all stakeholders.

Our Vision

Maintain our excellence standards as a supplier of telecommunication services, always increasing our optimal responses capacity, promoting the Expansion and Innovation at the technology world market, the training and qualifitation of our human talent.

Our Values

  • Commitment: We are responsible of consolidating our projects responsibly, punctually and proactively.
  • Customer orientation: We discover, understand and consolidate the needs of our clients.
  • Innovation: We provide value through a creative, professional and critic spirit towards new ideas to make them a reality.
  • Flexibility: We adapt to the environment in a continuing dynamic.

  • Resolution: We achieve our goals with a mixture of enthusiasm, rationality and practicality.
  • Honesty: we reflect integrity in our acts.
  • Credibility: What we promise we will do, we do.
  • Development: We promote the evolution of people through cohesion, collaboration and teamwork.
  • Integrity: We are consistent between what we think, what we say and what we do.

Our Clients

CONTE | Consejo Nacional de Técnicos Electricistas de Colombia
 OSC Telecoms Security Solutions S.A.S. Colombia
Claro Colombia | Servicios de Telefonia y Telecomunicaciones
Nokia Colombia | Servicios de Telefonia y Telecomunicaciones
Rittal Colombia S.A.S. Electrical/Electronic Manufacturing
Huawei Colombia | Servicios de Telefonia y Telecomunicaciones‎
Hughesnet Colombia | Internet Satelital Banda Ancha
Eagle Drone
TP-Link Representante en Colombia

Somos canal SMB para TPlink Colombia